Financial Planning

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Most of us would never think of taking a trip without a map and a destination in mind. Your financial plan is the road map to help smooth the journey to reach your financial destination.  A financial plan should not be in a notebook that sits on a shelf never again to be opened by either the client or the planner.  During your periodic investment review, your financial plan is also reviewed to be sure we are meeting your goals.  These are the three stages of your financial plan.


  1. Develop a set of realistic goals
  2. Review your current income and expenses
  3. Determine how hard and quickly your money must work
  4. Examine tax, estate and insurance elements with respect to your plan
  5. Communicate with attorneys, CPAs and other professionals to ensure plan fluency
  6. Determine ways to reduce costs
  7. Identify and resolve areas of family financial conflict
  8. Examine several scenarios using different variables such as inflation, rates of return and income needs
  9. Recommend the proper mix of investments for your chosen scenario


  1. Selection of the investments that work towards your chosen solution
  2. Put in place the remaining recommendations addressing estate, tax, insurance and pension issues
  3. Retitle assets, set up and transfer accounts, if necessary


  1.  Meet on a regular basis to review investment results, goals or lifestyle changes
  2. Track investment performance to work towards the plan projections
  3. Rebalance the portfolio with fluctuation of the economy, markets and tax environments
  4. Listen. Being there for you to discuss your everyday financial challenges
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